Spiral Development Technique

Design and Research


draft of what the website would look like


Done in Paint

The actual website design I found on wordpress


Now, I know everyone was adding and editing the website.

But I was the one who added the pages, changed the style of the site and fixed the adding of the pages

I got my info on how to edit the website from google and books about website editing.




The story of the ninja that i did was based on Anime

Anime is a type of animation famously known to be originated in Japan. Anime means Animated movement of pictures. Anime was formed after manga which is comics. 1951 was when anime started to become popular with the launch of Astro Boy. It flew its way into America cartoons and so the age of anime was born.

Most Anime ninja are elegant in their movement and speed. They do all sorts of parkour. Our game’s ninja is fast and nibble and is able to jump really far (not possible for real life)



My Research on the Ninja way of life and what they do


Ninja were professional spies during the age of the samurai. Their origins go back to the twelfth century, when the samurai class began to have more power than other classes. Ninja were called upon by their feudal lords (masters) to gather information, plunder the enemy’s food and weapon supplies, and lead the way in nighttime attacks. They received specialized training and were given special duties. Recently ninja have become popular in the United States and other countries through comics and films, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.









I did not do much when coding because my teammates rejected me and said have no skill in doing it.


I did some playtesting for the game story, to see if it was good and if it work.



This is the playtesting of me playing the game and checking if the story works well with the game play and design




Everyone was happy of the work that I did. I personally believe I could have been of more help tot eh other guys but they rejected my words of plea. They all said my work was good in everything I did. They also believe I could have done better as well.


I would add more sketches of my work and complete the work faster.


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