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Spiral Development


The research that i have done for my levels has helped me create ok levels. I have looked at other famous platforms and through google images for our game. Here are some pictures of my research.level 5level 3level 4level 2


I have now created a lot of different levels that vary from easy to difficult. The levels have turned out to be this. Some of



Video on you tube(Joyal Raj)


I believe i might be able to add more levels in the future but for now i will fix these one’s up.

Details By Joyal

  • JACK
  • Joyal Rajenthiran, Arun Biju, Caden Chillcott-jolly, Khaled El’Hassan
  • Joyal = Programmer, Music, Animation, Arun = Story teller, Website, Game Tester, Caden = Programmer, Level design, Team captin, Gannt Chart, Khaled = Animation, Art, Game testing
  • Ninja 64
  • The story started by a lone ninja, in a red and black suit with a green katana which is broken. His old sensei told him “a big cave is to be found with the missing part his katana”. Find with pride and bribed into doing the task he leaves his quite village in america and goes to find the sword. (Between the parts of animation is the levels). His comes in counter with his first boss his onii-san who has been effected by a deadly pink virus that turns him purple and fights to the bitter lemon. He wins and his onii-chan tells him of the perils which lay on ahead. (Next levels between this scene and next scene). He encounters his old evil sensei from middle school. They have a long lecture about science and maths but the ninja gets bored and tries to run away. After successfully running away he gets into the cave and sees the missing sword part tries to grab it but a very small spirit comes out of it guarding it and says he is the guardian and the ninja does not believe in him so the guardian gets angry and gets bigger. After he beats the guardian his adds the missing part to his katana and the game finish with rolling credits.
  • Game STEM Content
  • Game Physics = Physics,materials, friction, gravity
  • Platform = Windows

Iteration #2

The story of the ninja that i did was based on Anime


Anime is a type of animation famously known to be originated in Japan. Anime means Animated movement of pictures. Anime was formed after manga which is comics. 1951 was when anime started to become popular with the launch of Astro Boy. It flew its way into America cartoons and so the age of anime was born.


Most Anime ninja are elegant in their movement and speed. They do all sorts of parkour. Our game’s ninja is fast and nibble and is able to jump really far (not possible for real life)